What's your "decluttering journey"?

I work with many true professionals in all the various stages of a real estate transaction process - buying or selling. 

Here is a guest blog post by Shona Fraser of Heartspace Interiors on the subject of decluttering and the emotions that can be stirred up when planning to sell, renovate or refresh a home.

Shona's work in the home improvement industry has lead her to truly analyze the phrase "home is where the heart is". 

She is a certified interior designer and experienced home stager - offering organizing and decluttering advice to clients as part of the process. This has lead her to realize how deeply our hearts are rooted in our homes, and vice versa.

Shona Fraser: I'm no Harry Potter expert; I've seen all the movies but I haven't read any of the books. (Now, if you need someone on your Star Trek trivia team, I'm your girl... but I digress!)


I do resonate deeply with the idea of horcruxes, because I see them popping up regularly in people's homes. No, they're not magical items that will bring back He Who Shall Not Be Named - they're emotional horcruxes.

When someone gives us something, that thing immediately holds some kind of power. Either power for us, or power over us. The gift or item forever ties our energy to the energy of the person who gave it to us. So when it comes time to release that item from our home, a great many emotions can be stirred up - both positive and negative.

Even if we absolutely abhor the item - or perhaps even the person who gifted it to us - getting rid of it can cause a good deal of anxiety. Will they freak if they find out I got rid of it? Was it expensive? Did they go out of their way to find it for me? Do they expect me to wear it when I see them? This person is no longer in my life, should I keep this thing to honour them?

Ultimately, the decision to let an item go is a decision to reclaim your own power. Now, this may sound like a drastic, almost violent action. "Take back your power" sounds like an angry battle cry, but what it's truly about is moving inward and assessing what serves you best. Truly asking, "is this for me, or is this for them?"

If Great Aunt Nelly knew that the clown figurine sitting on your mantle makes you absolutely cringe every time you see it, do you think she'd want you to hang onto it? Or would she want you to feel comfortable and happy in your home, without Bozo's glassy stare haunting you?

Why are you really keeping what you keep?

Letting go is an exercise in honesty with yourself and with others. By keeping things you don't like, need or want, you're allowing something or someone else to take up space in your heart, mind and home. It has power. It is a horcrux. By releasing its power over you and letting it go, you create positive space both inward and out - and that is what the decluttering journey is all about.

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Shona Fraser, Principal
Heartspace Interiors

I've known people who really want to move (to a bigger space, a smaller space or after the end of a relationship etc) but couldn't face the stress of making the first important step. Don't let your "things" get in the way of making your next move a success... or even making it happen at all.

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