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Real Estate 101... "BCREA"

(February 14, 2014, posted in Real Estate 101 Series)

Britisg Columbia Real Estate Association

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) represents 11 member real estate boards and their approximately 18,000 REALTORS® on all provincial issues, providing an extensive communications network, standard forms, economic research and analysis, government relations, applied practice courses and continuing professional education (cpe).

To demonstrate the professional commitment to improvin... read more.

Real Estate 101... "CREA"

(February 04, 2014, posted in Real Estate 101 Series)

Canadian Real Estate Association

Organized real estate in Canada has three levels. The real estate board in general operates at a local level; the provincial or territorial association operates within a province or territory; and the national perspective is the mandate of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

The real estate board is the primary point for processing membership, and the recording and collection of dues. It a... read more.

Real Estate 101: Strata Property Act - New Regulations

(March 19, 2012, posted in Real Estate 101 Series)

New regulations under the Strata Property Act that improve accountability in strata corporations have been introduced that will support the more than one million strata property owners and residents in the province.

The new rules were developed after extensive consultations with the strata community including strata lot owners, strata associations, legal experts and professionals.The majority of ne... read more.

Real Estate 101: Mortgage Information & Glossary

(February 24, 2012, posted in Real Estate 101 Series)

Basic Definitions

A long-term loan primarily for the purpose of buying a home. A mortgage is a legal agreement in which the borrower pledges the property being purchased as security for the loan.

The amount of the loan - the cash you actually borrow.

The number of months or years the mortgage covers. Normally, it will be anywhere from six months to five years.

The actu... read more.

Real Estate 101: Preparing your home for sale

(February 18, 2012, posted in Real Estate 101 Series)

Break out the mop and the paintbrush. It's time to give your home a mini-makeover. Here are all the little things you can do to attract the big offers.

See your home through a buyer's eyes
Now's the time to address your home's little imperfections: the hole in the screen door, the chipped paint on the baseboards, and the mess in the basement. 

Get rid of clutter
Your house will feel a lot bigger and m... read more.



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