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Getting the Most From an Open House

(April 17, 2014, posted in Buying Your Home)

Tim Wray, Vancouver REALTOR®Have you ever attended an "Open House" advertised in your area or in a community you like? Most people have. 

Even if you're not serious about moving, viewing a few properties in a neighbourhood you like is a great way to get a sense of the market. 

Who knows? You might stumble upon your next dream home!

To get the most out of an open house, follow these guidelines:

  • Most open houses will have a handout... read more.

How Long Does it Take to Find a New Home?

(October 24, 2013, posted in Buying Your Home)

If you're planning to look for a new home sometime in the future, you may be wondering how long the process will take. How much time should you set aside for viewings? How many of the listed homes should you see?

Of course, the process varies from person to person. According to the Department of Housing & Urban Development, home buyers view an average of 15 properties before finally choosing to ma... read more.

The 2% BC Transition Tax on new homes is coming April 1, 2013

(March 04, 2013, posted in Buying Your Home)

If you plan to buy a new home in the next few months or over the next two years, then you need to know about the 2% BC Transition Tax.

The 2% BC Transition Tax applies to the full price of a new home, which is 10% of more complete, where ownership or possession is on or after April 1, 2013, but before April 1, 2015. The 5% GST also applies to the full price of a new home, where ownership or possess... read more.

What is a 2-5-10 Year Home Warranty?

(February 25, 2013, posted in Buying Your Home)

Home warranty insurance can only be provided by insurance companies approved by the provincial Financial Institutions Commission. 

Minimum coverage and allowable exclusions for third-party home warranty insurance are set by legislation. As a minimum, homes built by Licensed Residential Builders must have 2-5-10 year home warranty insurance.

A new home is likely the largest investment of your lifetime... read more.

Return to PST - New Housing Transitional Rules

(January 07, 2013, posted in Buying Your Home)

On February 17th, 2012 the Government of BC announced the new housing transitional rules for returning to the PST. They recently published more information about transitioning from the Harmonized Sales Tax back to the Provincial Sales Tax and Goods and Services Tax at this link: 

A summary is highlighted below for your information.

The hou... read more.



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