Should I try to sell my home without a REALTOR®?

(April 29, 2011 , posted in Real Estate Resources)

Homeowners who decide to sell their home generally use a REALTOR®. However, whether you are capable of handling a sale of this magnitude or whether you would be better off using a REALTOR® will depend on how you answer these questions.

Are you familiar with the changing real estate market to accurately evaluate your home and set a price that will satisfy you and be attractive to prospective buyers?

Are you familiar with real estate law and all of the regulations that affect property ownership? Are you prepared to face a lawsuit if the sale of your property is mishandled in any way?

Do you have good selling skills? Do you know how to advertise and market your property to get the best results?

Are you a good negotiator? Can you hold your ground when faced with aggressive buyers looking for bargains?

Do you have the time to show your home on evenings and weekends? If you take an evening off, will you miss the one chance you have for a sale?

Can you qualify a prospective buyer's financial capability? Do you have the knowledge and contacts necessary to help the buyer arrange mortgages?

Will you truly save money trying to sell your home yourself?

Call me today to discuss any questions about using a REALTOR®. No strings attached!

As a Vancouver real estate consultant, my business grows by building strong client focussed relationships. I would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about the Vancouver (and neighbouring cities) real estate market.

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